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FlowQount™ (FQ) is not simply Hydrocarbon Accounting software, it is Flow Quantity Assurance solution from reserve to revenue. FQ promotes transparency and accountability. FQ uses flow model and empirical metadata to manage asset exploitation and production operation information, include observed measurements and analytical processing. FQ enables integrated operation and business optimization. Last but not least, FQ implements PRODML standard for data exchange notation.

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Unification of Reserves to Revenue

FlowQount (FQ) is flow quantity accounting system. It is approach for determining points of measurement, reading, recording, processing, and reporting production
quantitative information. The approach delivers common and consistent pattern across variety of oil and gas fields that makes production quantity reasonable assurance possible.

Redefine Terms of ‘Hydro Carbon Accounting’

FQ is not merely only a Hydro Carbon Accounting (HCA) but it provides oil and gas production quantity reasonable assurance. The common and consistent approach used enables production data verification of upstream oil and gas operating asset. This will shift the main focus of current understanding of HCA to a point where it matters to the business, revenue.

Powerful Modeling Features

FQ main strength is at its modeling capabilities. Model consist of fluid flow diagram and metadata parameter. It can model your process stretch from lifting point to well head, even to the reservoir. The modeling can be on high level or it can be detailed to any layer that suits your needs. The modeling becomes a powerful tool to enable all of your stakeholders to have the same perspective of the process flow, what information recorded at which point within the network and how the information is generated. Hence, full collaboration, analysis and reporting can be performed in efficient and effective manner.

Data Integration

FQ integrates the perspective of multi functions toward the upstream oil and gas operating asset from reserve potential to lifting/sales actual. FQ serves as Online Transactional Processing system and also as Online Analytical Processing system. Example of data integrated within FQ such as:

  1. PVT information at any nodal within fluid network
  2. Well test data
  3. Production operation activity data
  4. Node properties e.g. well, equipment, facility,reservoir, processing plant,terminal, etc.

Utilizes PRODML as Standard Notation for Data Exchange

PRODML (Production Markup Language) is an industry initiative released by energistics to provide open, non- proprietary, standard interfaces between software tools used to monitor, manage and optimize hydrocarbon production. This translates into enabling the development of plug compatible software by energy sector vendors as well as energy companies. The PRODML standards form a framework within which energy companies can configure processes related to operations, optimization, reporting, and/or information management.

FQ does not only comply to PRODML standard, but it is developed based on PRODML standard. Therefore FQ is able to fully harness benefits of PRODML providing increased efficiency and effectiveness while reducing cost and risk.

Enables Continuous Improvement

FQ with its modeling tools enables you to expand your model both horizontally and vertically according to the readiness of your assets. This provides a platform
for continuous improvement with minimum effort and cost and able to react quickly and swiftly to whatever change that may be required.

Flexible, Scalable and Quick Implementation

FQ can adapt to any operating asset situation and condition, able to implement with limited information of asset configuration and can be broken down into
lower level of detail whenever further information of asset configuration is available. The asset and its operational arrangement is configured through modeling features. Any changes to asset model are dynamically applied and reflected to the operational module via confirmation mechanism. This approach shortens solution deployment time to the business, hence reduce system implementation risk.


Flow diagramming
Logical material flow description
Empirical metadata
Empirical data definition
Custom asset modeling
Modeling with specific asset profile e.g well schematic, well trajectory, and well log.
Flow diagramming
Logical material flow description
Empirical metadata
Empirical data definition
Custom asset modeling
Modeling with specific asset profile e.g well schematic, well trajectory, and well log.


User defined data entry
Custom data entry definition based on the applicable operating model and organizational structure
Data entry workflow
Data entry checking, validation and approval
Automated data entry
Automated data entry using API, also available for integration with Scada system or legacy systems such as web services, email, etc.
Batch data entry
Bulk data entry using spreadsheet or custom format text file.
Asynchronous data processing
Asynchronous data processing for long processes also complex calculation
Risk management and other business process
FQ Opera can also integrated risk management initiative and other related business processes. Such as HSE, asset integrity, etc
Recurrent data processing
Periodical data processing, such as end of day, end of month data processing
Dashboard & Standard reporting
Daily, weekly, monthly and annually standard report
Ad-hoc data report
Additional on-demand report
Mobile App

  • Data entry approval
  • Dashboard & reporting
  • Available on iOS and Android



  • Table, charting, plotting, GIS, diagram and other graphical view for report visualization
  • Well trajectory
  • Well schematic
Realtime monitoring
Realtime monitoring using graphical visualization and integrated with OPC gateway or MQTT broker.

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