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BIAENERGI was established in 2012 with a business tagline: “Promoting knowledge based economy” and focus area in Quantity Assurance product and solution. The market orientation is sector energy, material production and manufacture.


BIAENERGI was initiated by experienced practitioners in upstream Oil and Gas Industry with multi-background of educations and field of disciplines. Our proposition is pure from our scientific study and research whereas become the fundamental for our developed product and solution design. The product and solution include FlowQount™ software, Quantity Assurance consulting and auditing.

  • PT BIA Energi

    Sovereign Plaza 21st Floor
    Jl. TB Simatupang Kav. 36
    Jakarta 12430, Indonesia

    Email: info@biaenergi.com
    Phone : +62 21 2939 8713
    Phone : +62 21 2939 8898

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